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  • Category1
    Ms. Katwiwa Spoken Word Artist, Humanities
    I am a spoken word artist who wants to teach poetry and social justice in schools because I believe in the power found at the intersection of arts and activism, especially when working with youth.
  • Category2
    Mr. Hunt Performer, Improv Comedy
    I am a performer who wants to turn students into improv comedians because comedy equips young people with something they will need for the rest of their life: confidence in the face of fear.
  • Category3
    Ms. Joseph Mother, Elementary Education
    I am a single mother of two boys and product of New Orleans' schools who wants to teach here because I know how important it is for students to have teachers who challenge, understand, and support them.
  • Msd
    Ms. Dekker Public Health Professional, Science
    I am a teacher and public health professional who wants to maintain my connection with New Orleans schools because teaching is central to who I am.
  • Category5
    Ms. Hoy Public Health Professional, Sports and Wellness
    I am a former teacher and public health professional who wants to coach volleyball and teach students about reproductive health and wellness because sports teach young people discipline, persistence and teamwork and health and wellness are important parts of a complete education.
  • Category6
    Mr. Smith Musician, Special Education
    I am a musician who wants to enrich the lives of scholars through music because music is the universal language that represents culture and allows us to communicate our emotions without ever speaking a word.
  • Category7
    Ms. Ball Band Leader, Poetry
    I am a poet who wants to pass it on because someone did that for me.
  • Category12
    Ms. Brown Chemist, Mathematics
    I am a chemist and math instructor who wants to teach mathematics because the thinking skills acquired translate to every area of life.
  • Category11
    Mr. Moore Poet, Language Arts
    I am a poetry teacher who wants to spread the gift of honest words because I believe that they can provide healing, self-expression and empowerment for New Orleans youth.
  • Category4
    Mr. Wright Performer, Social Justice
    I am a Liberator who wants to Inspire because we all could use a little more Hope.
How it works
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    Partners let us know the type of support they'll need and we get right to work finding the right person for the job. Our educators tell us when they're available and what they love to teach so that we can make the best match possible.

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    Partners invite our educators to join their school for a day, a week, or even a semester. Whether you need Dewey decimals or downward dog, we've got you covered.

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    Once a match is made, our educator will bring their unique gifts and talents to your class, office, or playground. We handle all the details of payroll, vetting, and support so that our partners can relax knowing that their students are in good hands.