Ms. Hill’s Story

“I learn just as much from students as they learn from me.” — GE Ms. Hill

I am a video and performance artist whose had the honor of having my work shown worldwide including at the Contemporary Art Center in Québec and the International Performance Festival in Lublin, Poland. After being a substitute teacher for three years in Austin, TX, I moved to New Orleans to be closer to family and also pursue my passion for arts and teaching.

As a Guest Educator, it is my responsibility to create a classroom environment where all students can learn from each other regardless of ability, culture, gender or other differences. I am available to answer questions, as I’m genuinely invested in their academic and professional success. Ultimately, my students’ growth over the semester will mirror mine — they bring knowledge to the classroom that I can learn from.

I believe that no student should be limited. Through Enriched, I have had the privilege of working in a long-term one-on-one position in a life skills class. The student I was working with was non-verbal. We worked together using a switch, so that he was able to have a voice. We used a vision board in order for him to make choices using his eyes. Over the semester, together we learned what he liked and did not like. He was able to choose the things that he wanted to do, which allowed him a sense of autonomy.

Another recent highlight this year for me has been working with brilliant 4th graders in New Orleans and together achieving a significant accomplishment: the most improved math scores of any grade at my school. I’m so proud of my kids!